His Story

       On July 28, 2012 the Siplin-Trammell family headed out for our annual family reunion at Camp Linwood in North Jersey. Upon arrival the children were very excited awaiting all of the fun activities that were planned for them to do(including the camp fire, being Tyreek's favorite). The following day I noticed that Tyreek lost the mobility of the right side of his body and the left side of his face. He was unable to walk and his speech became impaired. I rushed him over to the nearest hospital and there we found out that he has a tumor on the stem of his brain. The name of this rare tumor is Pontine Glioma and it's found in 1:20,000 children. Because of the location of this tumor, surgery is not an option, which leaves it to radiation and chemotherapy.

Tyreek is a very energetic 9 year old boy who enjoys basketball, football, riding bikes, amusement parks and loves pizza! His favorite color is red and he loves dogs. We want nothing else in the world but for Tyreek to recover, be healthy and most of all be CURED. Tyreek is one of four children. He has two sisters and one brother ranging from ages 14-3. We will be traveling an hour and a half away from home to get to the treatment center that will be caring for Tyreek. Due to this unfortunate situation my husband and I had to leave work to make sure Tyreek is getting the best care possible. Because of the loss of wages we are struggling to make close to ends meet and provide for our other children. If there is anything that anyone can do to help us we will be more than appreciative. My goal is to provide as much of a normal life for Tyreek and our children as possible and we don't want them to feel the struggles of this. I pray that Tyreek as well as any other children with cancer beat the odds so they may return to a normal and fulfilling life.

About Tyreek

Name: Tyreek Markeese Trammell
Age: 9
Parents: Trina and Markeese Trammell
Hometown: Hamilton, New Jersey
Diagnosed: July 28th, 2012